Why I Bought The NutriBullet

Just a little over 4 days I ago, I bit the bullet and bought myself a NutriBullet (*pun intended*). Since 2006 I’ve used a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for my juicing and it had served me well. It lived up to the promises presented on the infomercial I watched way back then, so overall I was happy with the purchase.

However, there were a few things still nagging at me that I couldn’t seem to shake:

  1. Clean up— one of the cool benefits of the Jack LaLanne juicer was its large chute for juicing whole fruits like apples and pears. This really is a huge feature because it cuts down on prep time.However, the clean up was still a major drawback. I hated taking the time to clean the thing. Using a plastic bag for the discards bucket helped because that became one less piece to clean up afterwards but the rest of the pieces (5 in all) needed to be broken down each time and cleaned. You had to do it right away too because the pulp would harden if you didn’t tend to it. I made the mistake of lazily leaving it overnight a time too many and boy did I pay for it the day after!
  2. Too many pieces — My goal was originally to juice every morning. I never got to that level of consistency and I partially blame the assembly and disassembly as my reason for falling off the wagon so many times;)
  3. Big and bulky — They now have sleeker, more attractive options for the Jack LaLanne juicer since when I first got mine. Now they come in stainless steel and I could easily see it sitting pretty on the countertop. But mine was white, large and chunky and it took up lots of space be it on the counter on in the cupboard.

Again, I’m not complaining as it was a pleasure to use this blender and it served me well. But when I saw the NutriBullet infomercial (you can watch it here on their main site), my eyes glazed over with eager anticipation of newfound possibilities…ooh la la.




For one thing, according to the infomercial, it didn’t just “juice” your fruits and vegetables…it “extracted” them. After rolling my eyes and motioning the invisible hurl, I concluded that David Wolfe, the raw foods nutrition expert featured in the video, must’ve taken some acting classes before he recorded the infomercial because that totally sounded like cheesy marketing-speak. You know how when advertising execs sit in a room brainstorming new terminology (read: catchphrase) for an old technology in order to make it seem ‘new and innovative?’ But I gave it the benefit of the doubt because the concept of keeping ALL of the nutrients of the whole fruit and vegetable made a lot of sense to me. Unfortunately with juicing, much of it gets discarded with the pulp, including the good fiber parts.

The other main reason I bought the NutriBullet was how compact, yet powerful, it was. It could pulverize carrots in a matter of seconds. How cool is that? Plus, it was small and stylish and I could easily see it living on my countertop when not in use. Lest not mention the cleanup, I could imagine the cleanup being a lot simpler than my current routine. I knew that with this added benefit, I would be more apt to juice on a daily basis like I’ve always wanted to do.

I bought some organic spinach today, at Costco of all places (who knew they had organic veggies? — I sure didn’t) and organic flaxseed. I have some pros and cons to tell you about the NutriBullet, but will keep this post brief. Follow along with me as I attempt to juice for 30 days straight and post my journey here. I plan to do a video post tomorrow. Feel free to hold me accountable with your comments and questions…or offer a smoothie recipe for me to try.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time…

Be Well.

p.s. I bought my NutriBullet at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a coupon so my inner bargain hunter was appeased, but the in-store package doesn’t come with the Natural Healing Foods Book featured in the infomercial. At first, I thought it was no big deal but later regretted not getting the book. After reading the little nutrition pamphlet and mini book that came with, I still wanted more…more nutrition info, more reaearch findings, more recipes, more inspiration. So I hopped onto ebay trying to find it and they’re selling for $50 or more. Are these ebay sellers nuts?!? So if someone out there is done with their copy and will sell for a *reasonable* price…let“s talk:)

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