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Vintage Disney Video On Menstruation Almost Got It Right

I’ll admit, I was a bit biased when first learning that Disney produced a cartoon attempting to explain the “story of menstruation” way back in the 1940s. What fairy tale spin might they try to put on the feminine experience from a male-dominated perspective? With all of the mythical and mysterious notions surrounding the feminine Continue Reading

Are You Hysterical Or Just Plain Crazy? [Juicing Challenge Day #7]

30 days of juicing

Think you’re going mad trying to deal with painful periods? Read on to discover just how nuts you might be… But first, an update on my 30 Day Juicing Challenge. Juicing Challenge Day #7 Blend: beets swiss chard (the stem of the beet actually) red grapes 1/2 a banana blueberries flaxseed smidge of Agavé nectar Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy, Bees Knees and Your Menstrual Cycle Symptoms


Can Hurricane Sandy Teach Us Something About Menstrual Cycle Symptoms? [Audio clip: view full post to listen] When I was growing up and even well into adulthood, I remember that my grandmother always had this uncanny ability to predict the weather. At times I thought she was a superhero and simply holding out on us Continue Reading

The Great Debate: Swimming With A Tampon

swimming with a tampon great debate

Is Swimming With A Tampon Unsafe? It’s a long-held superstition that it’s unsafe and unclean to go swimming when you are on your period. Is it true? Absolutely not. While many women may find it inconvenient and unsettling to get in the water when Aunt Flo pays herself a visit, there is nothing technically wrong Continue Reading

Dr. Juanita Discusses How Hormones Affect Your Painful Periods

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Today we have a very special guest on Pillow Talk, Dr. Juanita Santillan shares with us the connection between hormone imbalances (specifically estrogen imbalance) and how it relates to painful periods, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and more. Also, she tells the the super simple way to stopping pms and Continue Reading

[VIDEO] Can I Take A Bath On My Period?

The Doctors pull back the curtain and dispel the myths of this old wives’ tale on baths and swimming when you are menstruating…   Bath and Swimming Safety During Your Period

Old Wives’ Tales & Other Mentrual Cycle Myths

old wives' tales

This is an attempt to archive some of the superstitions, false truths, and half-truths surrounding the infamous ‘Aunt Flo’ that have been carried down through the generations. Where they get their origins, one never knows but give us a chuckle nonetheless. Luckily for us, we have the benefit of modern medicine to help clear up Continue Reading

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