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Are You Hysterical Or Just Plain Crazy? [Juicing Challenge Day #7]

30 days of juicing

Think you’re going mad trying to deal with painful periods? Read on to discover just how nuts you might be… But first, an update on my 30 Day Juicing Challenge. Juicing Challenge Day #7 Blend: beets swiss chard (the stem of the beet actually) red grapes 1/2 a banana blueberries flaxseed smidge of Agavé nectar Continue Reading

A Journey Called Life: An Inspirational Story


This telling little story arrived in my inbox from my mom today. Sometimes we don’t have to venture too deeply to hear the message life is trying to share with us. There is truth in simplicity. Leave a comment below if you enjoy this story…I’m off to make a morning smoothie on Day #2 of Continue Reading

The Great Debate: Swimming With A Tampon

swimming with a tampon great debate

Is Swimming With A Tampon Unsafe? It’s a long-held superstition that it’s unsafe and unclean to go swimming when you are on your period. Is it true? Absolutely not. While many women may find it inconvenient and unsettling to get in the water when Aunt Flo pays herself a visit, there is nothing technically wrong Continue Reading

[VIDEO] Can I Take A Bath On My Period?

The Doctors pull back the curtain and dispel the myths of this old wives’ tale on baths and swimming when you are menstruating…   Bath and Swimming Safety During Your Period

What’s Your Fave Va Jay Jay Nickame…

funny vagina names

Have a funny name for your hoohah? How did your family refer to your monthlies when you were growing up? Tell us your favorite vagina pet name in the comments below… What’s the Best Vagina Names You’ve Heard? Incoming search terms:funny names for periodfunny names for periodsfunny names for your periodeuphemism for periodfunny euphemisms for Continue Reading

How To Eat A Balanced Meal? Just Eat Your Colors

new USDA food pyramid

The USDA recently published an updated version of the food pyramid. Rumor has it that once the original pyramid was turned on its side, it became more difficult for people to understand and follow. Thus we now have the simplified version pictured here. Sadly enough, big industry won’t yet part ways with their peddling of Continue Reading

Funny Period Euphemisms From Around The World

flow: cultural story of menstrual history

Turns Out That Funny Names For Your Period Is A Universal Concept If you think using clever pet names for your period is unique to this side of the Atlantic, think again. Turns out, periods have pet names all over the world and back again. In the sassy book Flow: the Cultural Story of Menstruation, Continue Reading

Old Wives’ Tales & Other Mentrual Cycle Myths

old wives' tales

This is an attempt to archive some of the superstitions, false truths, and half-truths surrounding the infamous ‘Aunt Flo’ that have been carried down through the generations. Where they get their origins, one never knows but give us a chuckle nonetheless. Luckily for us, we have the benefit of modern medicine to help clear up Continue Reading

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