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What’s Your Fave Va Jay Jay Nickame…

funny vagina names

Have a funny name for your hoohah? How did your family refer to your monthlies when you were growing up? Tell us your favorite vagina pet name in the comments below… What’s the Best Vagina Names You’ve Heard? Incoming search terms:funny names for periodfunny names for periodsfunny names for your periodeuphemism for periodfunny euphemisms for Continue Reading

[VIDEO] Best Tampon Commercial Parody

  The Funniest Tampon Video Although I’m a big fan of the menstrual cup and encourage its use over tampons for all the reasons listed in this post, I came across this hilarious tampon video by Kotex. I love the fact that they are adding some humor to the issue of menstruation by pointing out Continue Reading

Funny Period Euphemisms From Around The World

flow: cultural story of menstrual history

Turns Out That Funny Names For Your Period Is A Universal Concept If you think using clever pet names for your period is unique to this side of the Atlantic, think again. Turns out, periods have pet names all over the world and back again. In the sassy book Flow: the Cultural Story of Menstruation, Continue Reading

[Video] Vagina Dialogues: 17 Best Pet Names For Getting Your Period

best euphemisms for getting your period

Here are some clever euphemisms for menstruation that I’ve heard over the years and found on the web. I thought there were pretty funny so decided to share with the PFP community. Enjoy! Crimson Tide Visit from Aunt Flo On the rag Trolling for Vampires Red river Big red Bitch week Moon’s blood Monthly subscription Continue Reading

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